CRNA and SRNA Anesthesia Review guide

SRNA and Practicing CRNA Referrence and Study Guide 

MAC Anesthesia Seminars in conjunction with Trollway Anesthesia is proud to offer you the following free online textbook. Just visit our webpage and download the book. Thanks, Peter and Susanne.

This is about giving back to the profession. This is nearly 1000 pages of free reference material that is meant and designed to be a quick and easy study tool. As will be noted in the next paragraph the guide is free and all we ask and will ever ask with each edition is the simple promise to give back. We ask that you encourage others and your students to sign the pledge form and we can together, build a life-long love of learning and donation to the AANA foundation and PAC.

This reference guide is a free resource for the SRNA and the Practicing CRNA. We believe that only through knowledge and education can we achieve greatness. We share this for free because we believe in promoting and helping our fellow CRNAs in every way possible.

When you open and start to read this study guide, please keep the following paragraph in mind!

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: You will notice in your reading of this review manual that there are several areas that are repeated. For example, the airway section has 3 different reviews, some of the material is the same and some different. What this is attempting to do for the reader is explain the concepts in different ways. We all learn differently and as we embrace a hybrid approach of the flipped classroom model information needs to be explained differently. Please don’t panic and say “They are repeating the material” YES WE ARE, we are doing it on purpose so each type of learner can read the information in a different way. Thanks for understanding.


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