Mission Statement

Our mission: To educate nurse anesthesia professionals and advance the nurse anesthesia profession through educational sessions given by nurse anesthetists!



We offer top of the line education that includes ultrasound training. Our introductory seminar was held in Big Sky Montana March 2014. Our conferences offer high quality CEs for a very inexpensive price per CE. The lectures and lab are given by and taught by CRNA’s to meet your educational needs. The event is constructed so you can get your CEs while enjoying everything that the location offers. Please visit our web site for registration material and conference specific lodging and details.

So what makes our program? We are 100% CRNA group, which means we know what you are looking for. We understand the history, passion, trends and requirements of being a CRNA. When things change so do we! We offer cutting edge and current clinically relevant material. We talk the same language you do, have the same thoughts and the same goals. We understand the changes that are always in evolution how things will be changing for us shortly. We will be prepared to help you over come those changes. WE are you!

When you come to our meeting and support us, we will support you. Our mission is to always give back and help the future of anesthesia. We are also committed to returning a percentage of your meeting fees to a donation of some kind that will support the future of Anesthesia. After the meeting, we will post our contribution amount and to what organization we contributed.

We are dedicated to you and to OUR profession. Please come and attend our  meeting.

Thank you, trollwayanesthesia.com

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MAC Anesthesia Seminars was created. The goal of MAC Anesthesia is to keep CRNAs practicing and encouraged to keep their credentialing through relaxed seminars. CRNAs educating and discussing current practice with other CRNAs. We want to offer excellent speakers at an affordable price in premier destinations. We especially want to be an advocate/resource for CRNAs in the latter years of their practice or considering retiring. We want to help you understand that you can maintain your licensure through Class A live seminars until 2032. While AANA Core Modules will be required beginning in the 2020-2024 licensure cycle or 2021-2025 cycle, these Core Modules will only account for 17 Class A credits every 4 years. As long as you have a total of 100 class A credits in a 4 year cycle you will be able to certify. The first test required to maintain licensure will not be given until 2032/2033.


With like-minded goals and educational desires to help fellow CRNAs, MAC Anesthesia and Trollway Anesthesia merged to consolidate cost and resources. With Peter Strube/Trollway Anesthesia being an integral part of MAC Anesthesia success, this was a very easy decision. We want to be your preferred CE seminar company. By being a boutique seminar company, we can offer personal, knowledgeable, excellent customer service geared for the busy CRNA while keeping seminar costs affordable. Why make obtaining CEs/licensure hectic or worrisome?