Incredible atmosphere, great Conference, highly motivated group of CRNAS for CRNAS. Wife and I, flew in early and Snowmobiled through Yellowstone! Great for families, couples, and individuals…you should consider it next year! Getting ready to strap on the ski’s now…Boe Campbell, ┬áSouth Carolina


Hi Peter,

Thanks for sending these articles. They came in handy yesterday. Long story short- our small rural hospital got a patient with a DES for a lap incisional hernia repair yesterday. The patient was not on any anti coagulant therapy! His cardiologist had taken him off his Plavix a couple of months ago and did not know he was having this elective surgery. The patient quit taking his ASA himself 3 weeks ago. The surgeon was furious with me for not wanting to do the case. I was armed with the knowledge from both of these articles and presented them to him and within hours he had cooled off, apologized, and was actually thanking me.


Cudos to Trollway Anesthsia! We need to give all who want it an opportunity to learn US guided pain control techniques!


A meeting and now snow boarding… AWESOME!!!

Snow Board TrollwayThank you note for testamonials


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